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In 2023, we watched our new church home being built from the ground up. One of the very first milestones of the building was laying the foundation. The foundation was critical. If the foundation had been sand, or gravel, or full of sink-holes, the building would be unstable. The foundation had to be right.

In 2024, we will spend the year looking at the foundation for our lives. If you dig deep, maybe you have good things as your foundation – like your family and friends, or your education and job. But Jesus invites us to build our lives on the only trustworthy foundation. That foundation is Jesus, himself.

Using the Foundation Study Bible, we will read through the Bible together this year. We will see God’s story unfold, all pointing to Jesus, the foundation God intends us to build our lives on. Each week, we will focus on a book of the Bible and see the themes that point to Jesus, our foundation.

We will see how the Bible is one big story…that is also our story. You will receive a Scripture Card each week that will build a Deck of the themes that tell the whole story of scripture which point to Jesus, our Foundation. We encourage you to bring your Foundation Study Bible each Sunday for the messages. We encourage you to follow the reading plan each week and read the devotionals. We also will provide The Bible Project Videos to help our year-long study. Weekly Groups Guides for each week will be available for small groups.

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