Songs for the Road | Groups Guide

July 9 –  Sept 3

Psalms 120-134 are called the The Psalms of Ascent. They have been called the Song of Degrees, the Pilgrim Songs, as well as the Gradual Psalms. They get their name from the phrase appearing before each Psalm: “a song of ascent.” The Hebrew term is maʿalot which means “going up.”

The Psalms of Ascent provide a roadmap for our journey. They keep us grounded in the day to day but also hopeful for our destination. For the Hebrew pilgrims, Jerusalem was the end. For Christian pilgrims, the ultimate end is both becoming like Christ in our lives but also the new heaven and the new earth of God’s kingdom.

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Week 1 – Psalms 121

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Week 2 – Psalms 122

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Week 3 – Psalms 123

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Week 4 – Psalms 125

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