ONE Sunday

It takes over 90 hours each week to bring worship to BECAHI.  By joining a One Sunday team and volunteering just one Sunday/ month, you can make a huge impact! This is also a great opportunity to get to know more of your GRACE Church family. No special skills required.

Worship set-up teams serve from 6:00- 7:30 am and general set-up teams serve from 7:00-8:30 am.

Please see below for more information on each team. SIGNUP for the General Setup team by emailing Jeff or SIGNUP for the Worship Setup team by emailing Derek


Large Banners and Worship Décor Team (2 people)

Time: 7a to 8.30a. Set up Grace Church banners and all worship décor on the stage.  


Hospitality / Finance / Interior Signs Team Set up (2 people)

Time: 7a to 8.30a. Set up the Finance office, bring in Hospitality container and place all interior signs throughout the building.  


Tables / Parking / External Signs and Usher Set Up (2 people) 

Time: 7a to 8.30a. Set up all tables, parking cones and exterior signs.  


Kids Set-up (4 people)

Time: 7a to 8.30a.  Set-up the GRACE Kids classrooms including the Nursery room.  Have you ever wondered what a scuba wall is …. Come find out and learn how to hang them!   


Student Set-up  (2 people)

Time: 7a to 8.30a. Set-up Grace Student classrooms including the gymnasium, classroom tables and chairs…. And yes, more scuba walls!  


General Break-down team (2 people)

Time: 11.30a to 12.30p. At the conclusion of worship, pack up all general items including banners, signs, worship décor, and exterior signs.  

Screen Setup Team (2 people)

Time: 6-8am. Sets up screens, projectors, and media table.  


Lighting and Design Setup Team (2 people)

Time: 6-7:15am.  Set up lighting and any set design elements.   


Audio / Stage Setup Team (1 person)

Time: 6-7:15am.  Assist the Audio Engineer with setting up the stage for modern worship.  


Livestream Setup Team (2 people)

Time: 6a-1p.  Assist with all functions of the livestream setup and teardown.   


Media Operator (1 person)

Time: 7-11:30am.  Run / check slides for modern worship run through, run slides for both worship services.  Responsible for proofreading all slides before the 9am service.    


Lighting Operator (1 person)

Time: 7-11:45p.  Control lights for both worship services.  


Camera Operators (2 people)

Time: 7-11:30am.  Operate cameras during modern worship run through and for both worship services.  


Worship Break-down (2)

Time: 11:30-1pm.  Assist modern worship band and other staff/volunteers with the teardown of the auditorium.  

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