Here’s a question for you: If you put together 142 electric yellow and blue GRACE Kids t-shirts, countless bags of popcorn, animal cookies and fruit, parachutes and water, hundreds of beads, donations of colored pencils and supplies, all kinds of crazy hats and socks, 5 rocking songs, and over 140 kids and leaders in the Sanctuary jumping up and down, what do you have?

Of course, the answer is VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2018 – known to the kids this year as AMPED: Living Life Fully Alive. When you read this, we will be finishing up our last morning of an incredible week.  Our new Locust Street midweek campus was electric as our children came each morning to experience a week of worship, Bible Study, as well as praying for and giving to God’s work in the world.   A special thanks to the countless volunteers, the planning team (Linda O’Brien and Nancy Marsac, Melissa Rowbottom and Kristen Harting) and to our amazing children’s ministry leader, Denise Pierson-Balik, along with all the staff who share a commitment to the vision of leading our children to know and follow Jesus Christ.

If you don’t understand all the things I mentioned in my question, this weekend should get you up to speed.  At all the services, we will share the story of VBS and at the 10:30 service, our VBS band and kids will lead our worship music. Parents be sure to have them wear those GRACE shirts. We also have a video to give you a feel for the week.

Also, on Sunday, we will welcome 10 new members and will share communion together.  It’s another “not-to-miss” Sunday.   I can’t wait to continue in our Psalm for the summer series with the next line of the 23rd Psalm: I SHALL NOT WANT.

In an “I want everything” culture, what does it mean for us to say, “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

See you Sunday. What a joy it is to be…

Your pastor and friend,


Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor