Last Sunday was a great day for GRACE.  We had joyful worship at BECA and baptized two little ones promising to teach them the good news of Jesus Christ.  An hour later, we were leading hundreds under the Festplatz tent in worship – many who were invited by you.
Healthy churches are INTERNALLY STRONG – inviting disciples to grow deeper in their faith and launching them into mission.
Healthy churches are EXTERNALLY FOCUSED – inviting those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ to find and follow him.
Special thanks to all the volunteers at BECA and at Musikfest for making worship joyful, faithful and welcoming!
This week we turn our attention to our new series, We Will…
The last few weeks, we have looked at the attributes of God.  God is… powerful, holy, faithful, compassionate and knowable.  God, full of all the unfathomable attributes that we have been pondering, by his very nature, calls for a response from us. Bored indifference isn’t possible or enough.  Once we see God, we either reject him as a rebel, or bow to him as his beloved.  The next few weeks, we will look at some of the right responses to God.
This week, Mark will launch the series with We Will…Love God.  Read these scriptures to get ready for the message  Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Exodus 20:1-3; Mark 12:28-31.
See you Sunday!
Your pastor and friend,
Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor