Every weekend we gather together at BECA High School, but throughout the week we scatter to hundreds of addresses.  We follow Jesus into the world, where He is at work in the lives of people we meet every day – our family, our colleagues at work, our neighbors, and everyone we meet.  And we join Him in that work – loving and serving in His name.
On Sunday, we will both gather in the BECA Auditorium and scatter down to Musikfest for worship.
At 10 am (note time change) on Sunday morning, we will get out of our seats and into the streets, and take our worship to the Festplatz tent at Musikfest.  I can’t wait to preach at my fourth Musikfest alongside our very gifted musicians.  Looking forward to seeing you there and also looking forward to meeting people who don’t worship with us every week.  It is a great chance to let our community see our engaging worship and our amazing, caring church family. It’s also a great chance to invite your friends to a very unique service.
But back here at “BECAplatz” –, we will worship in our Sanctuary service at 9 am. In addition to Tom Goeman and our summer choir leading, we will also baptize two children.  What a gift to see our families baptizing their children and what a gift for our whole congregation to join with our families to teach the next generation.
I’ll be wrapping up our GOD IS… series with God is… knowable. At the heart of the Gospel is that the God who made heaven and earth, the God who is powerful, holy, and compassionate is also knowable.  The Bible unfolds the story from creation all the way to the cross.  God goes to the greatest lengths so that we know… He is knowable.
A few other things to note for this weekend. Communion will be served in both services on August 11th.  And, due to our tech teams being split between two venues, we will not stream worship services this week.
I can’t wait to preach this weekend. The last four weeks while I have not been preaching, I have spent time studying and praying and planning.  And I have had many, many meetings each week getting ready for our capital campaign and fall programming.  Someone asked me if I had been on sabbatical… and I was quick to say… not this year! Thank you for praying for me during these preparation weeks.
What a thrill it is to be your pastor — God is powerfully at work!
Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor