Jesus said, “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
I’m writing on July 4th morning from Atlanta where I am visiting family. I started the morning with a long walk/jog/run with my son, John. He did most of the running! Of course, I exercised this morning so I can enjoy our family 4th of July cookout later today. I suspect you too have had your charcoal and All-American meat ready for the grill all week. Along with cookouts this holiday, we will fly our flags and we’ll either shoot our own fireworks or make the trek to one of the Valley’s fireworks shows. Some of us will put streamers on our bikes and join a parade behind a fire truck in our neighborhood. I do love July 4th.
This week, we celebrate our country’s birth and all the freedom we enjoy. But, after the fireworks, I hope you will practice your freedom on Sunday at GRACE in worship.
The author, Annie Dillard, once wrote that if we really understood worship, we would put on our seatbelts and crash helmets. Do we believe that when we worship, that we actually encounter the living God who created the heavens and the earth? In worship, do we expect a kind of fireworks that comes when we encounter our living and loving God?
This Sunday and every Sunday, we practice our freedoms and celebrate our most important freedom — freedom in Christ.
Don’t miss what God might do in your life this week in worship. Come ready to encounter our great God. As a part of worship, we will celebrate communion. Pastor Manuela will continue our God IS… series – preaching God is.. holy. And, our Costa Rica partners, who have been with us all week, will participate in our services.
I’ll be on my way home to Bethlehem on Sunday, but I will be tuning in on our livestream. I hope you know that our production team gives our congregation an incredible gift each week allowing those of us who are away on vacation, or sick, or in the hospital to be a part of worship. You can find the services each week on our website. Here’s the link.
What a gift to be your friend and pastor,
Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor