In his classic and important book, The Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer gets to perhaps the first theological question. He writes…
The child, the philosopher, and the religionist have all one question, “What is God like?” …. At the onset I must acknowledge that it cannot be answered except to say that God is not like anything; that is, He is not exactly like anything or anybody.
Over the Summer, we will join Tozer as well as the many before us and the many after us who have asked this first question and stumbled to answer it. Words that attempt to answer ‘what is God like’ are called the attributes of God. For the next six weeks, we will marvel at God and ask Him to show us His glory in our new series… God Is.
Moses asked God to show him His glory right after the Israelites had fashioned a golden calf into their God. You can read the story and get ready for Sunday’s sermon by reading Exodus 32-33. Moses found what is true… the glory of the Lord can’t be fully seen or comprehended because God is… so much more than we can handle.
Also, Sunday in both services (9 am classic and 10:30 am modern), we will welcome new members and in the modern service, two families will bring the newest of our GRACE little ones for baptism. What a joy to grow together GRACE Church.
Also be praying for our GRACE Kids team who is making the last preparations for Vacation Bible School this coming week.
See you Sunday,
Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor