This week we will continue in our Faces at the Cross series with a face to face look at Simon of Cyrene. He found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time that became the right place for a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Simon, by force, was “All- In”, carrying the cross for Jesus.
His invitation to you is not by the force of a Roman soldier. Jesus gave an invitation to anyone who would follow him. He said, “If you want to come after me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.” You are invited by Jesus, through his death on the cross in your place, to a life of following Jesus ALL-IN. What will it take for you to not just say you are a follower of Jesus – but live the life of following Jesus? On Sunday, I’m praying God will move us all to take the next step.
Also, on Sunday at the 9 am service we will install our officers – elders, deacons and trustees. I am thankful for our officers and their commitment to Jesus and to GRACE. As we went through the training over the last weeks, it is so clear that God has big plans for our dear church. If you have been ordained as an officer, I will invite you to come forward to lay hands on our new officers.
Speaking of big plans for our church, continue to pray for our teams at work for our future. Please pray for the Master Plan process – for our master planning architects who are taking all the input from you to recommend a master plan for our future needs. Please pray for our Property Acquisition Team – who has looked at over 70 properties throughout the Valley and is making significant progress narrowing the properties to determine our future location. Please pray for the Capital Campaign Team – who is working to prayerfully determine our financial resources and capacities. And please pray for our Session and Staff as we continue to develop our mission and vision strategies to guide all of this and to keep us focused on the goal of inviting all people to take steps to know and show the GRACE of Jesus Christ.
These are exciting times. May God guide our every step.
I can’t wait to worship with you on Sunday!
Your Pastor,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler

Senior Pastor