ON Sunday, we wrap up our RESET: Getting the Life You Have Always Wanted series. We’ve been talking very practically about how to live our best in 2019. Sunday, we will look at the challenge to RESET our relationships.
God made us for relationships. We have a longing for belonging. We have an urge to merge. And that longing started all the way back at creation. God hard-wired you to be connected to him… and to people.
So, what happened? Read the bible. If you took out all the relationship problems, you wouldn’t have much left. I’m guessing that if you get honest, your life is the same. You have some skeletons in your relationship closet. You have disappointments and pain, maybe even loneliness alongside the good and fulfillment in your relationships with family, friends and co-workers.
So, where does that leave us? How do we move forward and live the way Jesus invites us to live – the “life to the full” life. Come Sunday, and we will dig into some of God’s ideas to RESET.
I want to let you know about two important opportunities that are coming up to help you take next steps at GRACE.
First, if you are wanting to learn more about GRACE – our vision and ministry, there is still time to sign up for NEXT STEPS this Sunday morning at 9 am. You’ll learn a lot about our community and have the opportunity to become a member. Click here to let us know you are coming.
Second, I am excited about a new experience we will launch on February 10 called Starting Point. If you’re new to faith, just checking it out, or coming back to church after some time away, Starting Point is a great step for you. It’s an 8-week conversational small group environment where you can explore faith and experience community. We will offer that on Sunday mornings from 9-10:30 at BECA. Here’s a link for more information.
God is at work in your life today. Take a moment to pray and tell Him you want that! I can’t wait to see you Sunday.
Your Pastor and Friend,
Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor