November 1: Interview with Our SHINE Campaign Co-Chairs

Our Senior Pastor, Marnie Crumpler, interviews Dave Post and Joe Workman about the campaign and the financial commitments needed to turn our SHINE Vision into a reality.

October 25: Interview with Our Building Committee Co‑Chairs

Our Senior Pastor, Marnie Crumpler interviews Gary Etter and Steve Follett about the vision, renderings and next steps for our Hecktown Road Campus


Celebrating the one-year anniversary of our SHINE Campaign, beginning on October 18, we will hear updates about our new campus and will have the opportunity to SHINE-ON recommiting to our God’s sized vision for the Lehigh Valley.

September 4, 2020 – An Update from the Building Committee

Greetings from your Building Committee!  Despite the COVID environment which we have all been experiencing, significant progress has been made over the past few months on our new church!  And, the good news is that we are still on track to begin construction in the late Spring timeframe of next year.  Much work has been […]

GRACE this Week

It’s the middle of summer and it’s finally hot. We felt all that heat as we sweated our way to John’s 3rd floor apartment in Atlanta. He is all moved in and ready to start school. I admit that I did more arranging than lifting with my still-recovering broken arm. His new season made me […]

GRACE this Week

On Sunday, Mark will continue walking through the book of Philippians in our Joy/ FULL series, with Triage Your Trouble. Paul knew that his trouble couldn’t steal his joy. Paul has so much to teach us as we lean into this powerful letter. I want to encourage you again to spend some time on your […]

GRACE this Week

Tomorrow, we begin a new sermon series. Through the summer, we are going to spend our Sundays walking verse by verse through the book of Philippians listening to very practical advice from Paul… about how to be joy full. Paul wrote this letter to the Christians in Philippi. He wrote it from prison, and he […]

GRACE this Week

God is at work in the Lehigh Valley. I see it every day at our church. As I often say, healthy churches grow deep and wide. Churches grow deeper in their relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ. And Churches grow wider when people meet Jesus and join to be a part. This past Sunday, we […]

GRACE this Week

It was so good to have so many of you praying yesterday at our Prayer Service last night. As Tom and Adam played at the end of the service, we believe Jesus is the answer and the hope of the world. If you missed it, we will share some of the music from the service […]

GRACE this Week

Disruption continues to be not only our Sermon series, but our life. I’ll share my newest disruption on Sunday morning. They keep coming. But, one of the most disrupted groups in our church has to be our high school seniors. On Sunday, we will honor our high school graduates in our worship services. I’ll be […]