Meet our Partners

We have global Mission Partners on 6 continents around the world.

Jorge & Gail Atiencia

Jorge and Gail Atiencia

Missionary Focus: The “Formation” of Bible Expositors in Latin America
Sent By: Latin America Mission (Canada): U.S. Partner: United World
Commissioned: 1976

Jorge and Gail serve in Colombia with the Latin America Mission. Their prime ministry focus continues to be the “formation” of Bible Expositors. The preaching “escuelitas” (mini preaching schools)—where pastors as well as lay men and women receive training and mentoring over a three-year cycle —continue to thrive and multiply in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile Argentina, as well as Central America and Caribbean. Jorge’s commitment to biblical preaching includes extensive collaboration with the global network of Langham Preaching (John Stott Ministries) which seeks to provide pastors with tools, mentoring, and fellowship to sharpen and deepen the impact of preaching around the world. Ministry of Jorge and Gail includes continued involvement with the Bible Seminary of Colombia, their local church in Bogota, as well as translation, research, and writing projects.


Dennis and Jo Fahringer

Pennsylvania, USA
Commissioned: 1975
Posted In: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, since 1988
Sent By: Youth with a Mission University of the Nations

Within Youth With A Mission, the University of the Nations offers personal discipleship programs and skills training for world missions in more than 600 locations in about 160 nations, with courses offered in about 100 languages. The goals are to know God and to make God known, and to extend the influence of God’s Kingdom into every sphere of society. Dennis leads the Schools of Photography I and II, courses which focus on both Christian maturity and technical skills in photojournalism for missions, humanitarian efforts and business development. Jo serves with the School of Biblical Studies, a nine-month program in which the entire Bible is studied using the inductive approach, preparing missionaries, church workers and other believers with a foundational understanding of the Bible and providing tools for further Bible study and teaching. Both Dennis and Jo are involved in multiplying and training missionaries, releasing them into ministries around the world.

Jim & Janet Stahl copy

Jim and Janet Stahl

South Pacific
Ministry Focus:
Oral Bible Storytelling
Sent By: Wycliffe
Commissioned: Jim was commissioned in 1981 by the EC Denomination and Janet was commissioned by FPCB in 1989.

Jim and Janet have been with Wycliffe for 33 years and 27 years respectively. Together they served 15 years in Vanuatu, South Pacific training people from Vanuatu to do Bible translation and literacy work. They are now applying their years of experience toward innovations for incorporating ancient media of oral Bible storytelling as well as current new digital media to the work of Bible translation. They are Oral Bible Storytelling Coordinators designing methods for training, equipping and helping communities in South Asia, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and East Asia. They tell Bible stories in languages without translated Scripture. This involves training and equipping regional partners to craft, check and revise the Bible stories and then incorporate the storytelling in established church ministries. One project in which they are involved is focused on training and equipping women as Bible storytellers as a way of opening up ministry opportunities for women in a part of the world in which women face serious challenges.


The Story of J and K

Names with held for Security in Asia
Sent By: Global Teams

J and K met through Intercambio partnership of our church with Capilla El Camino in Costa Rica in the late 80s. In 1998 they moved together into a call of Bible translation and incarnational witness with Muslim people in a restricted access area of Asia. K has served a small business manager and language teacher, while J leads a strategic translation project in a major language. They have been carrying on their roles while resident in the US through online collaboration and annual on-site visits with other team members. The goal of their ministry is to make an acceptable and understandable presentation of Scripture available to a major Muslim language group that has been long alienated by parochial translation and incarnations of church that lack vision to engage Muslim culture and jargon.

liz kidney

Liz Kidney

Pennsylvania, USA
Sent By:
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)
Commissioned: 2005

Liz currently serves as the Associate Area Director for Northern PA and a Regional Teacher/Trainer for staff by InterVarsity, whose mission is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers develop. Her ministry focuses on equipping students and staff to live into this vision, currently at Lehigh University, Bloomsburg University, Bucknell University, Penn State University, Susquehanna University, DeSales University, and Alvernia University. Liz is especially passionate about teaching students to LOVE scripture and learn to study it in depth in community so they have the tools to understand God’s call in their lives. Her deepest joy is developing world changers and sending them out to live as faithful disciples of Jesus for a lifetime—leading and serving in their communities, wherever they are sent.

Michael & Beverly Harrar

Michael and Beverley Harrar

JOS, Nigeria
Ministry Focus: Bible Translation through Art and Education
Commissioned: 1980

Beverley and Michael Harrar have been serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Jos, Nigeria for the last three years.  Michael has had a dual role as Language Program director and illustrator/trainer of illustrators for literacy and public relations materials in Africa and around the world. Beverley has served as the Third Culture kid (TCK) Care & Education Coordinator for SIL Africa. Bev is responsible for overseeing the education plan of all SIL children on the continent and for caring for the 40 SIL teachers who serve in Africa. The Harrars will begin their home assignment (formerly known as furlough) in July 2018. They will reside four months in Columbia, PA and four months in Orlando, FL, the location of Wycliffe’s US headquarters. After furlough the Harrars plan to continue their ministry to the Bibleless through art and education.

Sally Picture - Niagara Falls NY

Sally Henien

New York, USA
Sent By:
Grace Church Bethlehem
Commissioned: 2013

Sally is the Director of the University of Buffalo Campus Ambassadors. As a Campus Ambassadors Minister, Sally has the opportunity to evangelize and disciple students and have an impact on her community. She recognizes that God has a calling on her life and she desires to follow that call wherever it may take her, from her hometown in the Lehigh Valley, at the University at Buffalo, New York, or at a destination yet to be determined.

Ernesto and Margaret Zavala

Ernesto and Margaret Zavala

Sent By: Ripe for Harvest International Ministries
Commissioned: 1982

The Zavala’s goal is to make disciples of deaf people in Peru through practical personal witnessing and examples of Christian life through communication, information and education. It is an invisible disability to be deaf and the needs are great. The Zavala’s have put together a program to teach hearing mothers of deaf children to learn signs and communicate with their children to help and encourage them in every possible way. The Zavala’s continue training and encouraging interpreters for the deaf.

Daniel Jones

Daniel and Jamie Jones

Commissioned: 2003
Posted In: Toronto, ON, Canada
Sent By: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada (IVCF)

Daniel is an Arts & Worship Specialist. He builds, pioneers, and develops artistic ministry and community for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada (IVCF). This currently includes preparation for the Urbana 15 mission conference. Jamie is currently working at OCAD University, formerly Ontario College of Art and Design, as Interim Campus Minister. She spends her time in multitude of ways including leading students in study of scripture, teaching, and mentoring students and staff.

Dick & Sheila Dudney

Dick and Sheila Dudney

Nebraska, USA
Commissioned: 1985
Sent By: Christ for the City International
Missionary Focus: Recruit and Mentor Missionaries

Dick and Sheila Dudney were commissioned in 1985 and served in Costa Rica for 24 years. They have been serving in the Christ for the City International central mission office since their return to the US in 2011. Dick and Sheila recruit and send new missionaries, and mentor and care for the missionaries on the field. They are active in their community, sharing the Gospel and discipling every opportunity they get.


The Story of Chris

North Africa
Complete name withheld for security
Sent By: SERGE

Chris serves as a long-term Christian worker in North Africa. His ministry is to bring the Good News to unreached tribal areas at the edge of the Sahara Desert. Chris’ goal is to accomplish this through relational development, business partnerships, and prayer for the outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit. After committing to follow Jesus at Muhlenberg College, Chris began to work with Syrian and Sudanese refugees in Allentown. In 2016, through that work, he received the Lord’s call to joyfully share the Good News with Muslims in North Africa. Currently, Chris is on home assignment in New Jersey, raising prayer & financial support, and eagerly awaiting an opportunity to return to North Africa & reconnect with the people he loves.


The Story of D and R

Complete name withheld for security
Sent By: The Seed Company – Wycliffe

D and R have a passion for mission through both Bible translation and higher education – a passion that came from foundations laid while they were part of our church in the 1970s. They spent 11 years in Asia, helping to translate the New Testament into a local language there. They then relocated to the United States, where they deeply invested in the education of future missionaries and translators for more than 20 years. In recent years, D has moved into the role of translation consultant for national translators: helping them express Scriptural truths in their own languages, and thereby passing on a passion for the gospel to those who will succeed us. It has been a great privilege for both D and R to help train, encourage, and be challenged by believers who daily risk their lives for the gospel. As these translators step into their own calling, and carry the Word into their own families and communities, they see the kingdom of God expanding.