Prayer Ministry

Your concerns and needs for prayer are very important to us. We encourage you to reach out to us, so that we can partner with you in your faith journey. As prayer requests come to pastors, they are lifted up during weekly Pastors’ meetings and during personal prayer times.


Prayer at GRACE


Trained members of the Prayer Team are available following each service on Sunday mornings in the BECAHI Auditorium.

Prayer E-Chain

A group of approximately 90 people will offer intercessory prayers on behalf of your prayer request. Each member will remain faithful in praying for you over a two-week period. Your prayer request is always kept confidential.  Email your request to

Weekly Prayer List

A weekly publicized list of names is made available to the entire congregation to use during their prayer time. The list includes those who recently have been hospitalized as well as recently bereaved families.  To make a request for the Prayer Concerns List, call Yovita Wooden, 610-333-5508.