Luke: The Passion

March 5 – April 9

For the last months, we have been walking through Luke’s Gospel. We started with Luke, The Nativity, and the miraculous birth of Jesus. Next, we explored Luke, The Mission seeing Jesus teach and heal and grow his team of disciples.

Finally, as we make our way to Easter, we come to the end of the Gospel. The Mission gives way to The Passion. Jesus willingly gives his life, fulfilling his mission to love the world all the way to the cross. We will see him as King, as Servant, and as a Criminal. Jesus will be Abandoned and Crucified, and then conquering death, he will come out of the tomb, alive.

Pick Up your Journal on Sunday Morning

Use the journal to read the Gospel yourself. There is space for you to ask questions and write down your insights. Bring your Journal on Sunday mornings to take notes on the Messages

Luke: The Passion

March 5


Luke 19:28-49

March 12


Luke 22:7-38

March 19


Luke 22:47-62

March 26


 Luke 23:1-25

April 2


Luke 22:26-43

April 6


 Luke 22:39-46

April 9


Luke 24;13-35