Luke: The Nativity

November 27 – December 25

Starting in November, and culminating in Easter 2023, our Sunday messages will take us through the entire Gospel of Luke from Jesus’ birth to his death on the cross.

This Christmas, we start with Luke, The Nativity.

In Luke’s gospel account of Jesus’ birth, you will find some familiar passages with shepherds and angels, and some more people and parts of the story you may not know.

Luke was a doctor, and he wrote like a doctor.  He investigated. He looked at everything. He was around people who were eyewitnesses of Jesus’ life from the very beginning. He traveled with Paul on his missionary journeys. Luke took all that he heard and all that he investigated and wrote an orderly and reasoned account of Jesus’ life.

Luke begins his Gospel: “I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you.”

Luke wanted his friend Theophilus to investigate. And we hope that you will also investigate with Dr. Luke, beginning with this amazing account of the Nativity – the birth that changed the world forever.

Pick Up your Journal on Sunday Morning

Use the journal to read the Gospel yourself. There is space for you to ask questions and write down your insights. Bring your Journal on Sunday mornings to take notes on the Messages

Luke: The Nativity Series

Nov 27

A Surprising Answer to Prayer

Luke 1:5-25

Dec 4

A Disrupting Visit

Luke 1:26-38

Dec 11

Motherly Bonds

Luke 1:46-56

Dec 18

Naming Rights

Luke 1:57-80

Dec 24

A King for Everyone

Luke 2:1-21

Dec 25

Waiting a Lifetime

Luke 2:22-38

Coming Soon

Luke, The Mission Jan 2023

Luke, The Passion Spring 2023