Luke: The Mission

Jan 1 – Feb 26

We begin 2023 by continuing our journey together through the Gospel of Luke. We move from Luke, The Nativity, to Luke, the Mission. After Jesus’ remarkable birth, Jesus begins his public ministry. He heals. He teaches. He invites a group of disciples to join him in the ministry. As we get ready to move into our new campus, it is an exciting time for us to recommit ourselves to joining Jesus’ mission here in the Lehigh Valley. What a privilege to be apprentices with Jesus, learning and being equipped for the mission. We invite you to join us. Each week, we encourage you to read the scripture selections for the week. This journal is designed to encourage you in your reading your engagement with the Sunday sermons on these same passages.

Pick Up your Journal on Sunday Morning

Use the journal to read the Gospel yourself. There is space for you to ask questions and write down your insights. Bring your Journal on Sunday mornings to take notes on the Messages

Luke: The Mission Series (PART 1)


Where Will You Be in 2023?

Luke 2:39-52


Water and Wilderness

Luke 3:21-4:13

JAN 15

Hometown Rejection

Luke 1:46-56

JAN 22

Building the Team

 Luke 5:1-11,27-31; 6:12-16

Luke: The Mission Series (PART 2)

Luke, The Passion Spring 2023