It’s Personal Series | Groups Guide

October 15 –  November 26

Even though Scripture tells us that PRAYER is powerful and Jesus even taught us how to PRAY, sometimes we just don’t know what to say or how to start.

PRAYER is personal because the way you pray is different than the way anyone else PRAYS. You have different things that keep you up at night. Different dreams, disappointments. You have unique things you ask God for help about…You have unique things to thank God for.

PRAYER is also personal because it’s meant to be a conversation between God and you. As you PRAY, you learn more about God and you learn more about yourself.

Use the Groups Guide to with your Small Group

Week 1 – Praise You

Download 10/15 Groups Guide

Week 2 – Show Me

Download 10/22 Groups Guide

Week 3 – Search Me

Download 10/29 Groups Guide

Week 4 – Help Me

Download 11/5 Groups Guide