For four weeks we have been counting down the days to Christmas. We are almost there.
Advent has been a season of preparation.
We have had vibrant worship. We continue to have larger crowds and many new faces each week. Our parking lot continues to be a challenge. This is a good problem that we will continue to address in the new year. Our worship has been big but also deep. Our musicians have led us beautifully on Sundays as well as in the Christmas concerts. A special thanks to Tom Goeman and our Choir as well as our Modern Worship team for their inspired leadership culminating in Christmas.
We have had warm fellowship. I have watched you greet each other each week in worship and in the hallways. The buzz at BECA is electric as you love each other and welcome new people into our community. It is beautiful to watch you tenderly care for those in our community who are experiencing a lonely or grieving or different Christmas. At our home, Mark and I have hosted the Session, the Staff, Young Adult, and College Student Christmas parties. We continue to delight that God has called us to do life and ministry with you.
And, we have shared the love of Christ beautifully. I have watched you generously give through the Giving Tree and in your offerings to the church as we approach the end of the year. Thank you for your strong response to the invitation to end our year fiscally strong. You give out of your love for God and your giving becomes an investment in GRACE’s ministry to invite all to take steps to Jesus. Click here if you need end of year giving information. Click hereto make an end of the year gift.
Sunday, we will experience the fourth Sunday of Advent. Mark Crumpler will preach this week on the ways that the shepherds shook the town of Bethlehem. This “Christmas Sunday” is always a joyful and warm moment for us as we continue the waiting for…
…. Christmas Eve. What a joy to see our staff team and hundreds of volunteers join together to host a glorious celebration of the birth of Jesus for you and for the many guests who will join us.  I encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors to join you in one of the services on this very special day. Note that we do have additional satellite parking for Christmas Eve. Click here for more information about our 5 services.
With Christmas Anticipation!

Your Pastor and Friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler,
Senior Pastor