GRACE this Week

This has been a heartbreaking week for my family as we released my sweet niece to the arms of Jesus. Mark and I, along with John, are down in Atlanta for the services today. I am so thankful for all of your notes, calls, texts and most important – prayers.

More than ever, as I count the days to Christmas I am clinging to my (and your) dependence on the good news of Christmas.

The angel came to the shepherds late one night. These shepherds were not the A-team shepherds. They were the night shift shepherds – they couldn’t get the day shift. The angel had a message for these shepherds that was almost too good to be true. It was good news for ALL the people:

Good for the rich.
Good for the poor.
Good for the weak.
Good for the strong.
Good for the confident.
Good for the doubting.
Good for the celebrating.
Good for the grieving.
Good for those who know they need God.
Good for those who think they don’t need God.
Good for the sick.
Good for the healthy.
Good for women.
Good for men.
Good for the old.
Good for the young.
Good news for that Bethlehem
Good news for our Bethlehem
Good news even for the shepherds.
Good news for you.

I am so thankful to God for the good news that came into our world. So relieved that he knows our heartaches. So grateful that he longs for us to have life to the full. So amazed that he came so we could have life beyond this life.

Sunday, I will continue our series “The Upside Down of Christmas.” Jesus came into our upside down to turn us right side up. We will dig into “Christmas Economics” – everything changed the day Jesus came into our world.

A few other reminders:

Invite people to Christmas Eve.
Everyone needs the good news. And this is a wonderful way for them to see it come to life. Communion at noon, live animals at the family service, an orchestra at the sanctuary services and candlelighting at all the services will lead you to the message of Christmas. Click here for more details.

Christmas Eve Parking.
Make room for our many guests! You can help by parking off-site at the Memorial Pool/Municipal Ice Skating Parking Lot (off Illick’s Mill Road). Door to door shuttle service will run from the lot to the BECAHI Campus from 1:30 to 9:00 pm.

Help us end the year strong financially.
Click here to make a gift or click here for more information about end of year giving including office hours and IRS guidelines.

With Christmas anticipation!

Your pastor and your friend,




Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor