Grace This Week

Wednesday night, I went back to the gym after a way-too-long hiatus. My time away was justified — parents weekend at Wake, gearing up for SHINE Commitment Sunday and a weather whiplash sickness.

After that workout, I was so sore — from my arms to my calf muscles. But it felt “good.”

Sunday morning, on SHINE Commitment Sunday, watching so many of you come forward, was a way more pronounced, weighty and eternal exercise. You, GRACE Church, have worked your muscles… your trust muscles. 

Over the last three years, I have seen time and time again, your faith and your trust, coupled with God’s incredible faithfulness do amazing things. 

Sunday was such a defining moment for us to trust again. If you missed the service, click here to see my message. 

If you were unable to be there, I want to challenge you to join with the hundreds who have already made their SHINE Commitment. It will take us all coming together to accomplish our God-sized, strategic vision to SHINE the love of Jesus Christ to the Lehigh Valley for generations. Click here to see the SHINE Vision Video. 

You can make your gift a couple of ways:

  1. Click here and make it online right now.
  2. Turn in your commitment card on Sunday in the offering plate (they will be available at the welcome desk)
  3. Or mail your commitment card into the church office.

On Sunday, Mark will wrap up the SHINE series. We will welcome new members at the Modern Service and thank our Veterans in both services. We also have a special gift for each Veteran and will pray for you. 

I can’t wait to feel that “good” sore again with you Sunday. I pray we will never tire in working our trust muscles – knowing that God is faithful! And He always will be. What a privilege to be 

Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor