GRACE this Week

God is at work in the Lehigh Valley. I see it every day at our church. As I often say, healthy churches grow deep and wide. Churches grow deeper in their relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ. And Churches grow wider when people meet Jesus and join to be a part. This past Sunday, we had 15 adults and a bunch of kids become a part of the GRACE family. What a gift to be growing!

Today, I got a new vision of God’s work in the Lehigh Valley. You will be blessed on Sunday to see what I got to experience. Church leaders from around the Valley joined together at our Locust Campus to sing and bless the Lehigh Valley. Don’t miss this! God is on the move!

On Sunday, I will be wrapping our sermon series, Disrupted. We will see a man who was overcome by evil and brokenness until Jesus came along. Jesus restored this man… and restored him to his community. That’s the business God is in – restoring and reconciling. I can’t wait for you to hear this word and experience a “blessing” over our Lehigh Valley.

Finally, God is at work not just in our church and in the Lehigh Valley, God is at work all over the world. I want to invite you to hear firsthand from our ministry partners. Please plan to be a part of Faith, Covid and God’s Work Around the World: A Conversation with Our Global Partners on Sunday, June 28, 5 – 6 pm. You can reserve your spot by registering here. You will receive a ZOOM link to join in.

Our team (staff, COVID response team and session) continues to work on a timeline for our return to in-person gatherings. Details will be coming soon. But, in the meantime, I look forward to greeting you in our “Virtual Lobby” on Sunday.

Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor