GRACE this Week

It was so good to have so many of you praying yesterday at our Prayer Service last night. As Tom and Adam played at the end of the service, we believe Jesus is the answer and the hope of the world. If you missed it, we will share some of the music from the service on Sunday morning.

I’m grateful we will gather again for prayer and worship on Sunday. I will continue our Disrupted series with Disrupted by Division. Jesus tells a famous story about the Good Samaritan. Jesus tells the story in a conversation with a lawyer who asks Jesus who his neighbor is. In a divided world, what does it look like to live our best life – loving God and loving neighbor? Read Luke 10:25-36 to get ready for the message.


In both services, we will take communion together, so have your bread and cup ready.

YELLOW – and Back to In-person Gatherings

As of today, the Lehigh Valley is in the yellow zone. There are still many restrictions that are in place for our region due to the coronavirus. That said, the staff and the coronavirus task force, along with the session, are at work developing a plan for returning to in-person gatherings.

This will be a very methodical, gradual process that will consider many factors including CDC and local guidelines, safety, our access to BECA, and the quality of the experience in worship. We are also developing plans for our staff to return to the office and plans for smaller groups to meet at BECA.

Stay tuned and stay patient. I am so pleased that you have so quickly adapted to the use of technology for worship and for your small groups, committee meetings and other programs. The world changed but our mission never did.

Summer Food Initiative

Speaking of our mission. Every Summer we address food insecurity and this Summer is no different. All Summer, we will have opportunities to serve and feed people in the name of Jesus. Of course, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created new challenges around food insecurity. In June, we will work with our Global and Local partners to address some of these challenges. Our goal is to raise $10,000.

$5,000 for our Global Partners in Costa Rica

Iglesia Capilla del Camino in Tirrases, San Jose

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families in Costa Rica have been left without work and without resources to meet their most basic needs. Our partner churches in Costa Rica are proactively caring for their community by praying for them and providing food for families in need.

Your gifts will help our church partner and their church plant to increase their outreach to their community –feeding and serving 100 families this Summer and inviting them to know Jesus through their Bible studies.

$5,000 for Local Partner: Bethlehem Emergency Shelter

Early in the COVID-19 crisis, GRACE Church provided tents, sleeping bags and backpacks for our homeless community when the Shelter had to close prematurely.

Your gifts will provide food over the weekend throughout the Summer for our homeless population. There is currently no food provided on the weekends.

Your gifts can help us meet our goal. You can text 610.590.9925 or go to our website

For more information go to

See you in the lobby on Sunday! Let’s SHINE Bright as we love God and love our neighbor.

Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor