GRACE this Week

This Sunday, I begin a new series:

Disrupted…What to do when your life is Interrupted

These last few weeks we have all been disrupted by a disease we had never heard of before March. But being disrupted is nothing new.

When you get disrupted, it is natural to ask questions like: What’s going on? And where is God?

The next few weeks, we will look at people who get their lives turned upside down from all sorts of experiences. And in the middle of the disruptions… see God at work.

This week I’ll start with a guy who had a PhD in disruption. David was disrupted when his life from threatened by King Saul. He was disrupted when he committed adultery with Bathsheba, David was disrupted by rebellious children and traitors in his army. But one disruption stood taller than the rest…. Goliath.

We will have a look at the Psalm he wrote that gives us a roadmap for our own disruptions. This treasured Psalm is often a part of our disruptions. Psalm 23 – the Lord is my Shepard. If you don’t know it, read it to get ready for Sunday.

Also on Sunday, I will interview Michael Alogna, the Principal of Freemansburg Elementary School. GRACE has the privilege of partnering with Freemansburg as they serve their kids and families. You will be encouraged by his update and proud of the teachers as they adjust. There is a lot to pray for.

GRACE Afterservice
Last Sunday, we launched GRACE Afterservice as a place for people to ask questions about their faith and the message. GRACE Afterservice is a safe place to ask your real questions about faith and following Jesus. If you have never invited Jesus to be the leader of your life, and have questions about Jesus, or if you are just beginning your faith, I hope you’ll consider being a part of that. Details for the zoom call will be given during the service.

GRACE Sunday Small Groups – Find your group. Find community.
Next Sunday, we will launch new small groups. If you don’t have a small group, and you are looking for community at GRACE, this is a great step for you. The groups will be meeting (via Zoom) on Sundays at 5 pm beginning next Sunday, May 3. The groups will meet for 5 weeks and will be digging deeper in the Sunday message. Click here to sign up and you will receive more information.

In these times of uncertainty, we are here with you and for you. Please reach out at if you have needs or if you would like to help us meet needs. Our financial counseling teams are ready to help. Our emotional wellness teams are ready too. Please reach out and we will get right back to you. We continue to talk to our ministry partners to assess their needs in this challenging time and will bring them to your attention.

Bethlehem Emergency Shelter is serving the homeless pre-packed lunches. If you would like to be a part of providing or preparing meals, please reach out directly to Pastor Manuela at

As we are all aware, masks have become a necessity. We have a group at GRACE that has made and delivered 217 masks to hospitals, nursing homes, our staff, and neighbors. If you need a cloth mask, please let us know at

Wednesday Word
Finally, I would love to see you on Wednesdays. I’ll be LIVE with a short devotional on Facebook at 10 am and on Instagram at 10:15 am. Don’t be shy. Let me know you are listening. I may even say hello.

Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor

PS. Next week- May 3, we will have communion together. So, put bread and juice on your grocery list this week.