GRACE this Week

So, today is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day started as a secular Roman holiday. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I named the holiday for St. Valentine. It isn’t clear who St. Valentine is. By the 14th century, it became a celebration of romance. “Valentines” showed up in the 15th century and by the late 1700s printed cards were being sold. Some of us are a bit skeptical of a Hallmark holiday where roses get marked up and there’s a traffic jam in front of Josh Early candy.

But God is the author of all good things, including romance. On Sunday, we will have a look at the love many associate with Valentine’s Day and Cupid. “Eros” is a lot more personal than Valentine’s Day and more than just physical intimacy. I’ll be continuing in The Four Love series with “EROS: A Theology of Romance”. We have sent a message out to our families that this will be a PG sermon. Parents please take note – and for children under 5th grade, I recommend they attend our excellent children’s programming.

On Sunday, in our modern service, we will also introduce our newest GRACE staff member. Adam Johnson has joined the team to be our modern Worship Leader. He will lead our modern worship band and continue to build on our legacy of excellent modern worship. In addition to his musical skills, he will also lead our technology team, who each week, completes the herculean effort of setting up the BECA auditorium for worship and for our livestream. When I first met Adam, I knew he would be an excellent and needed addition to our GRACE team. Adam is a Godly leader and excellent musician. He has bachelor’s degrees in vocal performance and organizational leadership and is finishing a master’s in leadership. He comes to us with 10 years of experience leading worship and teams in churches in Tennessee and Ohio. Adam and his wife, Kayla have a beautiful 5th month old daughter, Josephine. They are huge Tennessee Titans fans – just a warning! And love to cook and travel. Pray for them as they look for a house and begin settling into Bethlehem and GRACE.

Finally, two housekeeping family matters.

First, please mark your calendar for our Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation on March 1st at 3 pm at the Locust Street Campus. We will elect officers and hear updates about our mission and ministry including updates about our new location and future campus.

Second, the Finance Committee and Session are working to finalize our 2020 budget. We have had a wonderful response — including many of you increasing your commitment to the annual budget. If you still haven’t made your commitment, you can click here to make your commitment online or turn in your pledge card on Sunday at BECA or during the week at the Locust Church campus. Thanks in advance!

It is a great privilege to be…

Your Pastor and Friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor