Dear Friends,
Are you signed up for a 40 days group yet?

Hundreds have already bought the book/study guide and signed up. If you haven’t signed up yet for one of our groups at Locust Street, please do so right now by clicking here.

You can choose one of these times for a 6-week group beginning the week of October 7th:


  • Sunday afternoons, 4 – 5:30 pm
  • Monday mornings, 10 – 11:30 am
  • Monday evenings, 6:30 – 8 pm
Childcare is available by registration and you can choose to be a part of a group with your spouse or a friend.
You may buy your book/study guide for $15 on Sunday morning or throughout the week at the Locust Street Campus office. To stay on track with the 40 days, you should begin reading the book on Sunday night, October 7th. And you should bring your study guide to your small group.
If you are having problems signing up online, please contact my assistant, Stacey Judge, directly at or at phone number 484-898-8956.
If you are in a small group already, we want you to sign up online too. Use the same link as above – there is a place for you to indicate that you are already in a group.
Why 40 days? 40 days is a strategic time-period throughout the Bible. Whenever God was preparing someone for his purposes, he often used 40 days. For Noah – it was 40 days of rain. For Moses – it was 40 days on Mount Sinai. For Jesus – it was 40 days in the wilderness, For the disciples – it was 40 days with Jesus after the resurrection. I believe God will do something really important in your life and in us together as GRACE church during these 40 days.
The average person lives 25,550 days. I am excited that together we will spend 40 of those days asking what God wants us to do with the rest of our days. These 40 days will be the beginning of the conversation about our church’s exciting future and our strategic planning.
Please don’t miss this!
On Sunday, we will continue in our series, GETTING WHAT YOU DON’T DESERVE with “Simply Irresistible.” God’s grace made the early church Irresistible. And the church grew in number and it grew in its life-changing work in the world. You are irresistible GRACE Church! I am so excited for us to dream together about the ways he will keep growing us and growing our life-changing work throughout the Valley.
As a part of our service, we will do the annual BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS. Kids in all services will be invited to come forward to have their backpacks (and themselves) blessed for the new school year. Parents, we will invite you to be a part of the blessing prayer and Teachers, we will also be praying for you. Every kid will receive a backpack tag to remind them that God is with them wherever they (and their backpack) go. What a gift it is to bless and pass on the faith to our next generation!
After church in the morning at 9 (Classic) and 10:30 (Modern) at BECA Highschool, I hope you will come back in the afternoon to our Locust Street Campus for “A Service of Celebration and Dedication”. At 4 pm in the Locust Street Sanctuary, we will be celebrating God’s faithfulness and dedicating the Locust Street campus for His work in and through us. The choirs have some amazing music prepared for this solemn and important service.   We will begin our time with an update about our ministry and mission, which will include a financial update, as well as updates on our master planning process.
This is such an exciting season in the life and history of our church. Our future is as bright as the promises of God. What a privilege to be…
Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor