GRACE This Week

Are you Team Eagles? Team Commercials? Or Team Snacks?

I didn’t bother naming the other team…. Because this year, our community has skin in the game. I usually am Team Commercials, but this year I’m rooting for my adopted home team. I’ll have my Eagles jersey on Sunday, and I hope you will join me in wearing yours.

Over 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl. But only 46 people will “put on” an Eagles uniform. And only 46 people will “put on” a Chiefs uniform. Only 92 athletes have the chance to get on the field as a part of the team.

Sunday, before we get to our cheering for our home team, we’ll be talking about another team that every follower of Christ is on. A few weeks ago, as we looked at Peter’s call to be a disciple, I shared that once you get conviction, you get a commission. Once, you know the grace of Jesus, you are compelled to show it. You are a part of Jesus’ mission, His team.

Sunday, we will look at the sending out of the 12 disciples, and then the sending of the 70. Jesus was preparing them… They were practicing…. Getting Team Reps. That’s the name of my message. Jesus is sending you out every day, in every place you go to all the people that you know…. To show the grace of Jesus.


Sunday, we will also get some “kingdom reps” as we pray for and practically show the grace of Jesus by taking up a special offering for the thousands of people impacted in Turkey and Syria.

The news and images of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey are heart-wrenching. I read this morning that in one Turkish city alone, over 200 buildings were damaged or flattened. The devastation is compounded by winter temperatures, poverty, grief, death, and refugees away from their homes. Please pray for this part of the world, that desperately needs the hope of Christ. Please pray for the churches, that God will use them to practically demonstrate that God is present and grieving with them. And please consider giving and partnering with our ECO denomination, disaster relief partner World Renew, who is already on the front lines, providing practical relief with established partners. They will continue to evaluate needs, and get help quickly where it is needed, all in the name of Jesus Christ. You can CLICK HERE to make a donation.


We have had a tremendous response to our 2023 annual Mission and Ministry Campaign. What a year we have ahead of us as we love the Lehigh Valley and the World in Jesus’s name…. and invite all to know the GRACE of Jesus Christ.

If you haven’t made your financial commitment yet, you can do that by turning in a pledge card on Sunday, or you can do that right now – CLICK HERE.

Before you go to a Super Bowl party, I hope you will join us at our own weekly party celebrating with TEAM GRACE. See you Sunday.

Your Pastor,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor