GRACE This Week

We called this summer the “RECONNECT Summer” at GRACE. We spent the summer providing opportunities to RECONNECT with each other. With the challenge of being separated during COVID, and limited spaces to connect on Sunday mornings at BECA, it was so good to be together at cookouts, and breakfasts, and a baseball game. I heard from many of you how good it was to have deeper conversations with each other. I heard “I hadn’t seen him in forever”. And “It was so good to meet her – she’s new to GRACE.”

God’s plan for the church is that people who follow Jesus do life together. I love seeing more of us gathering each week, and I love seeing more of you engaged in Bible studies and groups.

But God’s plan is also for us to serve together. He wired each of us uniquely – with gifts, and abilities, and passions. When we serve, using all that God gives us, we bring him glory and we also join God’s mission in the world.

As we move from summer to fall, we aren’t leaving our RECONNECT challenge. Over summer, we focused on fellowship and community, and now we turn our attention to RECONNECT with Serving.

In the same way we limited our connection with each other through COVID, we also had to limit some of our SERVING opportunities. We want to invite you to reup – to RECONNECT through serving. There are as many opportunities to serve as there are GRACE members – all over the Lehigh Valley and around the world. And many of you are already serving. I would love to hear where you are serving. And I would love for you to invite others to join you.

But if you are not serving… we want to share just a few places where you might use your gifts and abilities and passions to glorify God. I want to challenge you this fall to RECONNECT with Serving.


This Sunday, we will take a break from our Lord’s Prayer series. Kyra Thomas, our Pastoral Fellow and Director of our Young Adult Ministry, will preach on one of the most moving encounters that Jesus had on earth. His questions and his invitation to the Samaritan woman changed her life forever.

It is a joy to be…

Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor