GRACE This Week

This Sunday, we continue in our Summer Stories series. Mark will preach on the Parable of the Rich Fool. We can all get lulled into thinking that all the things we have are ours; and we will have them forever. Jesus has a lot to say about our “stuff” and its right place in our lives.


On Sunday, we will show a video of the next milestone of our campus – the steeple being placed on the church. That church building is a physical representation that you as a congregation are living what Jesus was teaching. You have invested your earthly possessions for an eternal purpose. Knowing that it is all the Lord’s, you have given so that many, for generations, will find and follow Jesus through God’s work on the Hecktown campus.


Also on Sunday, we will bring our brown bags full of food for those in our community experiencing food insecurity. For more information, CLICK HERE. What a privilege to love the Lehigh Valley in Jesus’ name.


Our middle school students returned from camp today, and our high school students leave for the Boston mission trip tomorrow. Be in prayer for these formative trips for our students.


Please continue to pray for me and my study time. God is good. And His word is powerful.


Your pastor,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor