GRACE This Week

It’s the middle of summer and it’s finally hot. Ahh. My southern sensibilities still have me avoiding our swimming pool until July. We’ve had several Next Gen swimming parties at our home. They don’t seem to mind swimming in June. But, for me and Mark, it’s July.


The summer season is here and is flying by. God has been at work in this season. We’ve sent students on mission trips. We’ve loved the energy of Vacation Bible School. Camps for our middle school and elementary kids are coming up. We’ve experienced our RECONNECT Sundays and our Men’s and Women’s RECONNECT Events. Men don’t miss your cookout this weekend. (CLICK HERE to sign up.)


Thinking about summer has me reflecting on our current season at GRACE. We are in the last months of our “tabernacle” season, waiting for the new building to come. (CLICK HERE to see the “live-cam.”) We’ve come through COVID and other challenges, but in it all, we have seen the faithfulness of God.


Life is constantly changing. But God never changes. And His mission never changes. We are in that together – as we join God and invite all people to know the GRACE of Jesus. God is on the move. Nothing can stop Him. No season can thwart His loving kindness. Let’s open our eyes to see it today and pray for it in our future. God has big plans GRACE Church!


This Sunday, we lean into mission and worship together.


In worship, we continue in our Summer Stories series. Pastor Doug Stewart will be preaching the story of the Ten Virgins. We continue to learn from the master storyteller Jesus as he uses the ordinary to point us to the extraordinary.


In mission, you will receive a Brown Bag with a list of items that are needed for people in the Lehigh Valley experiencing food insecurity. In the summer months, the need is critical. We are partnering with Northeast Community Center in July and will partner with Lynfield Community Center in August. Bring your Brown Bag back next Sunday, July 31st.


It’s a beautiful picture to fulfill the great commandments of loving God (in worship) and loving neighbor (in mission) together this week.


Musikfest is coming soon. Don’t forget to sign up for a team to volunteer at Musikfest – I can’t wait to take our worship out of our seats and into the streets of Musikfest. (CLICK HERE to choose a team.)


I hope you will continue to pray for me as I’m deep in my study for the coming sermons.


Your pastor and friend, 

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor