GRACE This Week

Sunday, I’ll continue in our series “Questions Jesus Asked.”

All 307 questions Jesus asked were to someone. Sometimes it was to a group – like last week’s question, “Why Do You Worry?” Sometimes it was to his disciples – like our first question of the series, “What are you looking for?” This week, Jesus is in a crowd of people, and he singles out one person in the crowd for his question – “Do you want to get well?”

Why did Jesus ask such an obvious question? The man’s been sick his whole life. The man is in a place where people have been healed. Of course, he wants to be healed. But still, Jesus asks. Sunday, we will look at how the man answered… and how Jesus acted.

With all that our world has experienced the last two years, it seems like a question that Jesus could ask any of us. These have been hard years. Isolated years. On top of all the usual human experiences this side of heaven – including sickness and death. Jesus knew this man’s need… and he knows our need too.

After the sermon, you will have the opportunity for a pastor or an elder to pray for you. I am so grateful that we get to gather together and that we will get the chance to pray with many of you at each of our services.

God is at work in our midst.


Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor