GRACE This Week

Are you Team Rams? Team Bengals? Team Commercials? Or Team Snacks?

This weekend, 117 million people are projected to watch the Superbowl. But only 46 people will “put on” a Rams uniform. And only 46 people will “put on” a Bengals uniform. The last piece of equipment these elite athletes “put on” as they take the field, is the helmet.

Appropriately, this week, I will continue our Good Fight series as we turn our attention to the helmet in the armor or God. The last of the “defensive” pieces of the armor, Paul invites us to take the helmet of salvation. Sunday, we will talk practically about how this piece of the armor protects our minds from the evil one and directs our actions.

After the service, our GRACE Students will be in the lobby leading us in the “Souper Bowl of Caring.” Every year, we join people around the country to take up an offering to address food insecurity. This year, our donations will go to feed the homeless through our partnership with BES – Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering. You can give on Sunday or CLICK HERE for more information to give online or to find ways to serve.

Beginning this week, we will not be requiring masks in worship. Working with our COVID team, we will follow BECA’s updated policy that masks are recommended but not required. Additionally, Coffee is back. Between our services, coffee will be available in the lobby. We have never needed coffee and fellowship more – and I hope, if you are able, you will be at BECA this week.

After church I’m sure you’ll be watching the Superbowl with the 117 million, maybe at home or maybe at a party. But when you come to church this week, you are a part of a weekly party – called worship. At our party, we gather with people we love who have a common love for Jesus Christ. Imperfect, yet forgiven people. But we also have a new guest list each week. Many are joining us for the first time. I love how you welcome them. Our prayer is that every week — new people – new to our Lehigh community and new to knowing Jesus– will join our party, meet Jesus, and become a part of our faith family.

I am so glad to be in the family with you!

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor