GRACE This Week

Sunday was a great start to a new year at GRACE Church.

This Sunday, I will continue in our Revisiting GRACE series with “Know GRACE”

In our culture, we talk about a “grace period.” We talk about athletes and ballet dancers moving with “grace.” We talk about giving ourselves “grace” especially in these wearying years of COVID.

But this week, I want to talk about the grace above all graces.

Long before you knew you needed it; God extended grace to you. And it didn’t just start with Jesus. You can trace grace from the very beginning of creation.

GRACE is a theological reality and also a difficult truth. It’s a gift for those who receive it. But, it’s also difficult when you wish those you love would receive it. I have heard from many of you about the people in your life that you pray will receive God’s GRACE in their life.

Sunday, we will explore this cornerstone of God’s goodness and our faith and also talk about our part in receiving GRACE. What a relief that you don’t have to… and I don’t have to earn it.

An invitation to NEXT

If you are new or newer to GRACE, I want to personally invite you to join us for NEXT. It’s January 23 from 2-4 pm at our Locust Street Campus. The new year is a wonderful time to take the next step into our church community. CLICK HERE to learn more.

The Ordination and Installation of Doug Stewart

The ordination of a pastor is a once in a lifetime event. So much happens to get to this day – a call, theological education, ordination exams and the affirmation of our ECO presbytery. We are privileged to host Doug’s next Sunday, January 16 at 3 pm at our Locust Street Campus. I know you will want to be a part of this special moment for us and for Doug and his family.

Action on Hecktown Road

It’s very exciting to watch the action on Hecktown Road. Don’t forget- you can watch the progress via camera. Today, you will see less action and more beauty – a winter wonderland. CLICK HERE to see. And continue to pray for all the work and the workers as the vision for this campus comes to life.

Keep your ears and your eyes open to see God’s work in your life today… and every day.

Your Pastor and Friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor