GRACE This Week

This Sunday, I will continue in our sermon series, “The Room Where It Happens”. We are heading to a room where a woman gives her very best to Jesus. What she does is awkward. It’s beautiful. It’s unforgettable. It’s sacrificial.

Oswald Chambers says, “Worship is giving God the best that he has given you. Be careful what you do with the best you have.”

That day in Simon the Leper’s house – another interesting part of this moment – this woman gives her best – she worships.

Everyone worships… That’s human. And the only choice we have is who (or what) we worship.

Sunday, we’ll learn from a woman who Jesus said, would always be remembered for what she did – a simple act of worship.

Also on Sunday, as we worship, we will share communion together. It’s World Communion Day where we remember that the Church is not bound by time or place. We take communion with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. I am grateful for GRACE’s connection with churches and missionaries around the world.

I can’t wait for Sunday where we will worship together,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor