GRACE This Week

Have you ever taken a risk for a friend?

On Sunday morning, we will continue In the Room Where It Happens, and head to Jesus’ home. A group of friends literally cut a hole in Jesus’ roof just to get a man to Jesus. They loved their friend. And they had faith that only Jesus could help. Read Mark 2 if you want to see what happens before Sunday.

When you follow Jesus, you love people. You do this. I see the ways you love each other…. And the ways you love people beyond our church community. Sunday, we’ll keep exploring what it means for us to love… and by our love to bring people to Jesus.

At our Modern Services, our new Worship Director, Kelby Dixon will be leading us in worship for the first time. As you will see, Kelby brings not only his musical skills, but a heart for inviting people to worship. Join me in welcoming Kelby and his wife Coleen and their children, Beckett, and Ace.

NEXT, this Sunday Afternoon

If you are new, or newer to GRACE, this is a special note to you:

Every Sunday, I walk into BECA and see…. PEOPLE. And, after the year we have experienced, we don’t take for granted that we get to be with people. We need people. We need community.

Each week, we also have new people who are experiencing GRACE – in person at BECA and online.

IF that is you, I want to invite you to take a NEXT step into our GRACE community.

THIS FALL, we have two dates for NEXT – this Sunday, September 26th and Sunday, November 14th. NEXT will meet in-person at our Locust Street Campus from 3-5 pm.

NEXT is an interactive experience where you will hear about our vision and mission. You’ll learn more about God’s work at GRACE and ways that you can be a part including church membership.

I hope you will join me and take this NEXT Step. You can reserve your spot here: 

It is a privilege to be your pastor – and see the ways God is at work in and through our church.  Continue to join me in praying for our church, our mission, our building committee and all the new people who are finding their way to our church.

I can’t wait for Sunday,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor