GRACE this Week

Tomorrow, we begin a new sermon series. Through the summer, we are going to spend our Sundays walking verse by verse through the book of Philippians listening to very practical advice from Paul… about how to be joy full.

Paul wrote this letter to the Christians in Philippi. He wrote it from prison, and he knew that it was very possible that he would be convicted and martyred for his faith in Jesus Christ. Paul didn’t know what his future was going to be… but he faced it with confidence and hope. Because he knew who held his future.

Paul was full of Jesus. From the day that his life got turned upside down on the Road to Damascus. He was full of Jesus… And he was full of joy.

Despite his circumstance, he was full of joy.

These days, a lot of people are running around empty. That would be true anytime, but it’s more evident now than ever. Pandemics and economic uncertainty, jobless numbers, and divisions – all the challenges can be overwhelming. And that’s just what we read about. I’ve got my list and you have your list of real challenges that can make the pain and pressure of our daily life more than we can take.

As followers of Jesus, this is a moment for us. People are looking for joy. And we know where it comes from. This summer, we will get a refresher course as we work through Paul’s joy-filled letter.

I’m really hopeful and joyful about our journey together through this entire letter as a church family. You might consider purchasing a journal to take notes and to do your own study of Philippians through the summer. You can use a plain notebook… or here’s one from Amazon that you can order.

On Sunday, we will also honor our dads. Before and after the service, tune in to see the gallery of GRACE dads. You literally sent in hundreds of pictures. At the end of the service, we will also be choosing five of our dads to get a special GRACE delivery of steaks and grill tools.

Also, know that the staff and session and COVID team are working on our gradual opening. This week, staff began to meet in person again with appropriate social distancing and safety protocols. Please pray for all our leaders who are making plans for our return to in-person worship and working with BECA to make this possible. I hope to share more details next week.

God is at work my friends. See you in the virtual lobby on Sunday.

Your pastor and friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor