GRACE This Week

The 2020 Summer Olympics begin in just a few weeks, just over a year late. The world is holding its collective breath as we long to see the beauty of the global athletic competition, in place of the despair of the global pandemic. Even today, I heard the announcement that there will be more limits on spectators due to covid in Tokyo. There will be something so hopeful about the opening ceremonies, even though they will look different. Teams of athletes from around the world will parade behind the Olympic flag, with its five rings representing the continents of the world. But most inspiring will be the athletes competing. When the athlete stands on the medal stand and hears his country’s national anthem, it represents years of training and determination.

This Summer, inspired by the Olympic athletes, we will look together at our own training in walking the way of Jesus. Just as every athlete trains to win, every Christian is “In-Training”. Nobody can sit on the couch eating Cheetos for months and hope to compete. Nobody can expect to grow in faith if they ignore their spiritual training.

For centuries, Christians have used the classic spiritual disciplines, or practices, for their training. These practices allow us to place ourselves before God so he can transform us to be more like Jesus. Each week, we will dive into one of the disciplines and invite God to continue to be at work in us.

This week, I will introduce this biblical concept of our “Training in the Way of Jesus” and the spiritual practices. I am excited how God will use this series to help us grow as disciples and as a church. You can do some training on Sunday morning by showing up at BECA. Come to worship (one of the practices) and stick around for fellowship (one of the practices) between services. This week, to launch this new series, we will have an obstacle course for you to try out, along with a really good cup of coffee. Also, we will baptize one of our newest GRACE little ones.

I can’t wait for Sunday.

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor