GRACE This Week

Last Sunday, it was great to see so many dads at church. We loved celebrating you! If you are a dad and missed last week, you can still pick up a special “GRACE Dad” coffee mug. We will have them ready for you as you come to worship this week.

Also, it has been so good to get back to our Coffee and Fellowship time between services. For the rest of the Summer, we will be adding some special activities to our fellowship. This week, there will be a giant slide. And yes, I’ll be taking my turn!

This Sunday, in worship, I will wrap up our REBUILD series through the book of Nehemiah. Finally, we get to the building dedication. Nehemiah and all the people dedicated their lives to God and now it was time to do the same for all the building that had been done. They marched on the walls, had two choirs sing… and had a very loud celebration that could be heard for miles. They wanted the world to know that God had been faithful.

But then the days went by. The celebration was a faded memory. And more tragic, their commitment to God faded and was forgotten. Nehemiah returns to see all the building that been done… needed to be done again. The walls still stood, but the people needed to be re-called to their commitment to the Lord.

The building is never done. That’s true in your life. That’s true in my life. That’s true for our mission of inviting people to commit their lives to the Lord. Even after we build our building, there will be building to be done for generations and for good. To get ready for Sunday, read Nehemiah 11-13.

At the 9:45 service, we will baptize one of our students who just went through Confirmation. It’s such a gift to “teach the next generation” and watch their faith grow. Our student ministry is very active this Summer. If you are a student, or you have a student, you can follow summer opportunities on the GRACE Students Instagram pageClick here or reach out to our NextGen Director, Taylor Shade. (

At the 11 am service, we will present our 2nd graders Bibles. These 2nd graders and their parents will spend Saturday learning about the Bible and about communion. Again, such a privilege to see these children grow at GRACE. Our children’s ministry re-launched a few weeks ago. And Families, look out for GRACE Games this Summer for you! If you want more information, you can reach out to our new GRACE Kids Director, Ben Kraihanzel. (

It’s going to be a great Sunday!

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor