GRACE this Week

So, by now, you have heard the Governor’s extension of our stay at home order. In this waiting season, I am so grateful that we have technology to connect and worship each week. It’s not a substitute for being together but we all are learning how to stay connected in this stay at home season. To help us connect better on Sundays, you will see some changes this week.

Beginning this week, we are going to have our “online church” open 20 minutes early. Most of us, don’t get to church right on the hour. We are either a few minutes early…. Or you young parents… maybe a few minutes late. To give you some flexibility to plug your technology in… and to settle everyone around the computer or TV, we will “go live” early, beginning this week. This week, you will see the GRACE mom’s gallery in those early moments. And in the future, you will see other ministry opportunities in those early moments before worship begins at 9 am (CLASSIC) and at 10:30 (MODERN).

Also, this week, you will have the ability to interact with each other more. When you go to GRACE Live on our website, you will have the ability to interact via chat. So, when you arrive early, let us know you are there. Think of it like you are just arriving in the lobby at BECA… and you want to greet the people who are arriving with you. And you can keep interacting throughout the service. I know you aren’t used to “chatting” in church, but don’t hesitate to answer the questions or to weigh in on the music or prayers. This is a new way to connect – and I hope you will!

Also, keep sharing our website and our Facebook links. The more you share and invite, the more people will see all that God is up to at GRACE Church.

Sunday, I will continue in our series, Disrupted. We will look into the disrupted life of Sarah. And how she laughed her way through her doubts to her trust in the Lord. We will hear from some of our GRACE moms in the service and celebrate our moms all morning.

See you early in the “lobby”!
Your Pastor and Friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor