GRACE This Week

The past two Sundays, we have celebrated Easter… and we have applied Easter. We have celebrated the central truth of our faith that Jesus died and then on the third day rose from the dead. We have applied that truth as we read the names of those who have gone before us, holding onto both the mystery and the confidence of their (and our own) resurrection.

Easter… And applying Easter… Start with a Jesus who is ALIVE. Sunday, I will begin a new series called ALIVE. While many over history have suggested the resurrection could have been an illusion in the minds of the disciples, or a warm thought in the hearts of the disciples, over 500 people saw and touched and talked to an ALIVE Jesus. We will look at the many places Jesus showed up. We will look at the many people who were eyewitnesses that Jesus was ALIVE. We will see what Jesus said and what He did and what He promised.

We all need to linger at EASTER. Because the same Jesus that showed up to the 500… is ALIVE today and at work in your life. Those eyewitnesses had their lives changed and Jesus invited them to be a part of changing the world in His name. And Jesus is offering you the same invitation. This week we will dig into 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. Read it to get a head start.

Also on Sunday, we will ordain and install our new officers at the 9:45 services. As a part of the ordination/installation service, we will invite all previously ordained officers to participate. At 11 am, we will baptize another of our newest GRACE little ones.

Don’t miss this exciting week for GRACE Church. The Risen Jesus is ALIVE and at work!

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Finally, just a word of THANKS for your continued generous support to our annual ministry and mission budget. I am always amazed at what we accomplish together as we love Bethlehem and the world in Jesus’ name and invite people to find and follow Him. To MAKE A GIFT, click here.

It is a privilege to be…

Your Pastor and Friend,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor