GRACE this Week

Disruption continues to be not only our Sermon series, but our life. I’ll share my newest disruption on Sunday morning. They keep coming. But, one of the most disrupted groups in our church has to be our high school seniors. On Sunday, we will honor our high school graduates in our worship services. I’ll be on-line with a group of them and you will hear how much GRACE Church has meant to them. These students have bright futures. What a privilege to celebrate and invest in the next generation. I know you will join me in cheering for them.

It is also worth celebrating how our church community has lived out our baptismal vows in the lives of these high school seniors. You have taught them in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, you have seen them sing in choirs and grow up through YCX, you saw them declare their faith at confirmation. And now, you get to watch as they scatter across the country to their declared colleges and marvel when they come back at how God is at work in their lives. If you have a student who is not involved in our ministry, I hope you will be in touch with our Next Generation Director, Taylor Shade at Taylor and his team would love to be in touch with your students.

DIAL in to GRACE Worship beginning this week

Beginning this week, for our Classic Service, you can dial-in to worship to listen by telephone. This is a great way for those in our congregation who are without internet or a computer to participate in our service. This new call in number will also allow you to register your phone number so that you will receive a reminder phone call when our service goes live. To call-in for worship or to register your number, call 855-635-5508 or contact Stacey Judge at or 484-898-8956 to get more information. Please help us spread the word about this new opportunity to be a part of worship at GRACE.


This Sunday afternoon we will host our first ever Virtual NEXT STEPS Experience. You will get an inside look at GRACE Church – our core commitments, our vision for the future, and ways for you to connect. You will also have the opportunity to become a member of GRACE! I am excited to help lead this class on Sunday, so join me. You can sign up at

See you at church on Sunday. What a gift to be your pastor. We may be separated but you are still in my prayers and in my heart.

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor

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