I Believe Sunday Morning Small Groups

Sundays beginning February 21st

11am-12pm OR 12:30pm-1:30pm via Zoom

Join a small group to discuss the Apostles’ Creed – line by line – following the Sunday Sermon Series. Joining a group is a great way to take Sunday morning to the next level and a great way to meet new friends and grow in your faith. You will receive a Zoom link the week before groups begin.


To best experience the group, don’t forget to order a copy of the study guide, Apostles Creed by Alistair McGrath. It can be ordered through Amazon or Christian Book Distributers.

Everyone believes in something. If you were asked today what you believe in … what would you say? How would you explain?

The earliest Christians shared what they believed with three simple words – Jesus is Lord. With those words, you told the world that you believed in Jesus – you were a Christian. As time went on, there was more to explain about what Christians believe. So by the fourth century, the oldest and simplest statement of belief, or creed, the Apostles’ Creed, was in place.

For two thousand years, people have used the words of the Apostles’ Creed to express what they believe. The Creed started as a statement that new believers made when they were baptized. But since then, it has been used by believers all over the globe and for generations.

Join us for a small group on Sunday morning. Following the Sunday morning sermon series that will walk through the creed line-by line, we will discuss the most basic beliefs of the Christian faith and how what we believe shapes every part of our life. What’s in your head – moves to your heart and to your hands.