We are passionate about living our lives according to the Word of God in all areas of life, including stewardhip. Jesus spoke often of money and how to handle it responsibly because it is important in developing our faith—especially our relationship with God.

Our mission is to facilitate, from a biblical perspective, the financial literacy and well-being of our congregation and local community through counseling and education, so that they may have the skills necessary to adequately provide for their families and thereby have the ability to gladly support the Lord’s work in a meaningful way.


Financial Counseling Team

Our Financial Counseling Team (FCT) is composed of Christians who have a head for numbers and a heart for helping people. The vision of the Financial Counseling Team (FCT) is to introduce you to biblical financial principles that will help you manage your financial struggles by laying a foundation for financial independence.


God & money

What does the Bible says about the importance of putting God first in your financial life?

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Personal Counseling

Meet with FCT members pro bono to confidentially discuss financial questions and concerns.

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We offer classes throughout the year based on biblical financial principles, including Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FCT is made up of a group of individuals with varying professional experiences that qualify them to give financial guidance, such as: CFP’s, CHFC’s, CPA’s, Business and Education professionals.

The team members include: Mike Baittinger, Seth Beaver, Larry Becker, Marie Boltz, Jim Brown, Tony D’Angelo, Mark Davidowski, Heather DePaolis, Eric Dowdle, John Edwards, Juan Kauer, Troy Knauss, Jo Mayers, Harry Newman, Dan Rempp, Rob Rittenhouse, Andy Roman, Curtis Steidinger, Terry Steidinger, Rob Touzeau, Will Velekei, and Phyllis Wertman.

We recognize that it may be difficult for some people to share their financial struggles with members of the congregation. Please do not let that deter you from seeking help and getting on the road to financial freedom.  To get in touch with a Financial Counselor, please contact Andy Roman or  John Edwards.

There is no cost to you! The service is free.

No. About 20% of the people we serve are not members of our congregation.

No, we have advised several families that have a net worth of well over $100,000.

Help or advice with financial issues such as creating and staying within a budget, mortgage and refinancing options, debt reduction, smart saving, and prudent spending.

Our team is looking for new members

If you (or someone you know) have a head for numbers and a heart for helping, please e-mail John Edwards.