Baptism at GRACE

Baptism is one of the most significant parts of our worship. We baptize both adults and children. In both types of baptism, God is at work in the lives of the one being baptized.

Adult Baptism

When an adult is baptized, they are making a profession of faith claiming that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of their life. Baptism is just the beginning of a person’s faith journey. Our community walks alongside people who make this significant step in their life – helping them grow as followers of Christ. If you are interested in knowing more about Jesus Christ or would like to be baptized, please contact Pastor Mark Crumpler.

Infant Baptism

When a child is baptized, the parents make a profession of faith on behalf of their child. As the parents claim that Jesus is their Lord and Savior, they also make commitments to raise their child to know Jesus Christ. In baptism, a child becomes a part of the church family but they must one day, make their own decision to follow Jesus Christ. This decision often takes place in the elementary or middle school years. Many of our children confirm their faith when they go through the confirmation process, usually during their 9th grade year. We walk alongside families as they teach their children about faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ. We also provide age appropriate and dynamic programs for kids and students as well as small group leaders who mentor young people as they grow in their faith.

To move forward with baptizing your child, please review the below requirements:

  • At least one parent should be a member of GRACE Church Bethlehem.
  • At least one parent must attend the Baptism Seminar, which provides vital information about the theology of baptism as well as details for the baptism day, prior to the baptism day.

If you have questions about child baptisms, please contact Stacey Judge.

Baptism Seminar

Ready to have your child baptized? Join Pastor Marnie and other parents for a seminar to learn more.

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