Deacons are on the frontlines of building a caring community at GRACE. The deacons minister to those in need including the sick, the lonely, the grieving and the distressed, both within and beyond our church family.

Deacons are spiritual leaders who oversee many ministries that provide encouragement, care and fellowship within the church.

Deacons are elected by the congregation and serve a three-year term, with the option of serving a second three-year term if called to do so. The Board of Deacons meets monthly to do their caregiving work.

GRACE Church Deacons:

Tammy Adelsberger, Marybeth Attieh, Carla Benway, Margo Billetz, Kay Butrie, Josh Compos, Kim Diehl, Nancy Dienel, Herbert Gates, Ed Kapun, David Kuykendall, Kimberly Lewis, Jan Marsh, Kim Ritter, Daniel Sutherland, Marie Young