GRACE this Week

Jesus is still in the business of calling people to follow him.

It started around the Sea of Galilee with a couple fisherman and has been happening ever since. This week we begin a new sermon series looking at the lives of the first 12 that Jesus called.

Opening the Gospels, we will see 12 men who were not remarkable by human standards. Not educated at the best Jerusalem universities. Not a part of the religious elite. They had normal jobs – several fishermen and a tax collector. They were not remarkable, and they certainly were not perfect. We can easily see ourselves in their faults and their inability to understand Jesus and His mission. They stumbled as they followed. Despite all that, these 12, hand-picked by Jesus, left a mark on the world that is undeniable.

This week, Pastor Manuela will start with “Networking Andrew”. As we look at these disciples’ lives, I’m praying that you will think about your own call to follow Jesus. And I’m praying that it will get us ready for Easter and the celebration of our Lord’s death and resurrection.

Saturday night, don’t forget to move your clock forward an hour! The time change means Spring is coming.

Your pastor,

Dr. Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor